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Wright & McGill Large Arbor Fly Reel

Gear Review – Wright & McGill Dragon Fly Large Arbor Fly Reel

The Wright & McGill Dragon Fly caught my eye recently because it offered fully machined components and a clean stylish look. Keeping in mind of course that Wright & McGill Co. is owned by Eagle Claw, I wasn’t about to pay anywhere near MSRP for one. Nothing personal against Eagle Claw but let’s face it, they’re no Orvis or Sage.
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Nightmare prom dress fly pattern

Nightmare prom dress fly pattern

Hook: 25mm Waddington Shank, Gamakatsu size 4 octopus Thread: 6/0 Black Tail: Red grizzly hackle, steelhead candy light bright tinsel Body: 22 gauge red wire Collar: Red & black flashabou Head: Black sparkle blend dubbing Eyes: Silver and red dumbell My take on the popular “prom dress” fly pattern. Looking forward to swinging this for steelhead this winter!

Chartreuse flash fly pattern

Chartreuse flash fly pattern

Hook: Size 4 Alec Jackson spey Thread: 6/0 Chartreuse Tail: Chartreuse saddle hackle & chartreuse tinsel Body: Chartreuse 22 gauge wire Wing: Chartreuse tinsel & white UV flash dubbing Hackle: Chartreuse saddle This pattern and color will be very effective when fishing for silver(coho) and chum(dog) salmon. Look for video of this fly in action soon!


Fishing for Nooksack river Coho round 2…

Location: Nooksack River, main Type of fish: Coho(silver) salmon Methods: Spinners, jigs, spoons Weather Overcast, light rain Got the chance to hit the river again for a little while after work. This time we focused our efforts on the main river above the Nugent’s Corner area. The river was in perfect shape (in my opinion anyhow). A lovely green color
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getting ready to fish for silver salmon on the south fork

Fishing for Nooksack river silvers on the South fork…with video!

Location: Nooksack River, South Fork Type of fish: Silver(Coho) salmon Methods Fly fishing, jig fishing, spinners & spoons Weather Cool, cloudy Getting up at 4:30am on a Saturday morning may seem a little crazy to some people (including me). If however there’s a river packed full of eager Cohos waiting for you it makes waking up a little easier (in
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Pink Bunny Bug

Hook: Diiachi size 4 saltwater Eyes: Medium Brass Dumbbell style Thread: White 6/0 Tail: Pearl pink flashabou Body: Glo-Bug hot pink dubbing Wing: Fuchsia zonker strip (bunny fur) Hackle: Pearl pink polar chenille