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Fishing for Nooksack river Coho round 2…

Location: Nooksack River, main
Type of fish: Coho(silver) salmon
Methods: Spinners, jigs, spoons
Weather Overcast, light rain

Bright hatchery Nooksack River Coho salmon

Not the biggest of the year, but perhaps the brightest!

Got the chance to hit the river again for a little while after work. This time we focused our efforts on the main river above the Nugent’s Corner area. The river was in perfect shape (in my opinion anyhow). A lovely green color with about 2 – 3 feet of visibility. It’s a color I like to call “steelhead green”.

After only a few casts I managed to hook into a beautiful, bright hatchery Silver. It wasn’t huge by any means but it put up a hell of fight all the same. Being ocean bright, she had plenty of energy to spare. With a fair number of fish rolling we figured we were in for a banner evening of catching. Sadly the only other fish we managed to land was a nicely rotted Pink salmon carcass (hooked by yours truely, of course).

Nooksack river pink salmon

It did indeed smell just as bad as it looks...

Fishing on the Nooksack should continue to heat up for Silvers for the next few weeks. Historically I’ve had some very successful trips for Silvers throughout October and even into mid November. Be warned, the fish seem finicky this year (for me at any rate). Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and use everything in your arsenal!

Good luck & keep those lines tight!

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